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How we deliver Word courses


Onsite Courses

  • We come to you
  • We bring all the equipment needed
  • The outline can be customised

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Open Course Dates

  • You come to our venue
  • Suitable for individuals

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Online Courses

  • Self paced
  • Budget Friendly
  • 24/7 Learning

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Word Basic

The course introduces you to the essential concepts required to produce basic business documents. This course is intended for individuals who want to gain an operational knowledge of working on Word. It is expected that you will have a certain basic knowledge of using a computer but no prior experience with Microsoft Word.

Getting started

Exploring the Word window

Creating and saving documents

Getting Help

Editing documents

Opening and navigating in documents

Automated tasks

Editing text

The Undo and Redo commands

Moving and copying text

Selecting text

Cutting, copying, and pasting text

Finding and replacing text

Formatting characters and paragraphs

Character formatting

Using tabs

Paragraph formatting

Advanced paragraph formatting

Creating and managing tables

Creating tables

Working with tables

Modifying tables

Controlling page layout

Creating headers and footers

Working with margins

Working with page breaks

Proofing and printing documents

Checking spelling and grammar

Previewing and printing documents

Web features

Saving documents as Web pages

Working with hyperlinks

E-mailing documents

Word Intermediate

Our Microsoft Word Intermediate course builds on your prior knowledge and enables you to create more complex business documents using the programs customized elements. It is expected that you will have had a working experience and/or training within Microsoft Word prior to this course.

Working with sections and columns

Creating and formatting sections

Working with multiple columns

Working with text in columns

Formatting tables

Table formatting basics

Borders and shading

Table AutoFormat

Drawing tables

Working with Excel data

Importing data and creating charts

Performing calculations in tables

Linking and embedding data

Working with styles

Creating styles

Modifying and deleting styles

Navigating in large documents

Headers and footers

Different headers and footers

Page numbering

Printing labels and envelopes

Labels and envelopes

Working with graphics and objects

Working with graphics and clip art

Inserting WordArt and symbols

Customizing the background

Using drawing tools

Document templates

Template basics

Creating templates

Managing document revisions

Tracking changes in a document

Working with comments

Comparing document versions

Word Advanced

Our Microsoft Word Advanced course introduces the more intermediate user to customisation and efficiency tools to enable your business to grow, develop and become more streamlined. Previous training and a working knowledge of Word are needed before embarking on this course.

Using Mail Merge

Creating form letters

Working with data sources

Creating mailing labels

Working with forms

Creating forms

Modifying forms

Protecting and printing forms

Using digital signatures

Working with large documents

Master documents

Footnotes and endnotes


Bookmarks and cross-references

Web frames

Creating macros

Recording and running macros

Modifying and deleting macros

Using macros in forms

Customizing menus and toolbars

Creating custom menus

Customizing toolbars

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