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Visio Basic Course

(1 Day)

Getting Started
⦁ The Visio Drawing Window
⦁ Toolbars
⦁ Overview of Templates, Stencils and Shapes
⦁ Changing View Settings

Drawing Tools
⦁ Creating New Drawings
⦁ Drawing Closed Shapes
⦁ Drawing Open Shapes
⦁ Using the Freeform tool
⦁ Drawing Compound Lines
⦁ Finding Stencils and Shapes

Creating Basic Diagrams
⦁ Selection Techniques
⦁ Connecting Shapes
⦁ Moving and Deleting Shapes
⦁ Aligning Shapes
⦁ Distributing Shapes
⦁ Rotating Shapes
⦁ Grouping Shapes

Formatting Shapes
⦁ Shape formatting
⦁ Adding Text to Shapes
⦁ Formatting Text
⦁ Duplicating Shapes
⦁ Scaling and resizing Shapes

Working with Pages
⦁ Inserting, Naming and Deleting Pages
⦁ Page and Printer Setup
⦁ Creating Background Pages
⦁ Inserting Headers and Footers

Building Diagrams
⦁ Creating Organisation Charts
⦁ Adding Multiple Shapes
⦁ Modifying Chart Layouts
⦁ Creating a Flowchart
⦁ Creating a Brainstorming Diagram
⦁ Using the Brainstorming Outline Window

Visio Advanced Course

(1 Day)

Creating Technical Layouts
⦁ Understanding Layers
⦁ Creating, Removing and Renaming Layers
⦁ Setting Layer Properties
⦁ Controlling Shape Placement
⦁ Setting a Drawing Scale
⦁ Working with Building Plan Layouts
⦁ Drawing with Precision
⦁ Using Perspective
⦁ Working with Area Measurements

Exploring Advanced Diagrams
⦁ Create work flow diagrams
⦁ Create Fishbone (Cause and Effect) diagrams
⦁ Use Calendars, Gantt and PERT charts
⦁ Create easy-to-read maps and route directions

Diagramming and Data
⦁ Adding Shape Data
⦁ Creating Custom Properties
⦁ Generating Property Reports
⦁ Importing and Exporting Data
⦁ Working with Data Sources
⦁ The Database Wizard

Advanced Custom Shape Design
⦁ Creating New Shapes
⦁ Revising Existing Shapes
⦁ Locking and Protecting Shapes
⦁ Creating Custom Stencils
⦁ Adding Shapes to the Stencil
⦁ Saving the Stencil

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