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How we deliver PowerPoint courses

Onsite Courses

  • We come to you
  • We bring all the equipment needed
  • The outline can be customised

Open Course Dates

  • You come to our venue
  • Suitable for individuals

Online Courses

  • Self paced
  • Budget Friendly
  • 24/7 Learning

PowerPoint Basic

Our MS PowerPoint Basic course offers the student an opportunity to learn the fundamental groundings of producing a business presentation using slides and graphics. It is expected that you have a certain basic knowledge of using a computer but no prior experience with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Getting started

Exploring the PowerPoint environment

Getting help

Closing presentations and closing PowerPoint

Building new presentations

Creating new presentations

Saving presentations

Working in the Outline tab

Rearranging and deleting slides

Using slides from other presentations

Formatting slides

Exploring text formatting

Working with text

Setting tabs and alignment

Using drawing tools

Drawing objects


Working with text in objects

Modifying objects

Working with graphics

Working with WordArt

Adding clip art

Using images

Using tables and charts

Working with tables

Creating and modifying charts

Creating organization charts

Modifying presentations

Using templates

Working with the slide master

Adding transitions and timings

Adding speaker notes and footers

Setting up slide shows

Proofing and delivering presentations

Proofing presentations

Running presentations

Printing presentations

Saving presentations for Web delivery

PowerPoint Advanced

Our MS PowerPoint Advanced course encourages the more confident PowerPoint user to explore new techniques in producing business presentations including sound, animation and video. Previous training and a working knowledge of Excel are needed before embarking on this course.

Building custom presentations

Modifying templates

Building custom templates

Building custom slide masters

Advanced slide master techniques

Using multimedia in presentations

Advanced clip art and drawing techniques

Adding movies and sound

Using animations

Using scanned images

Using organization charts and tables

Advanced organization chart options

Formatting and modifying tables

Advanced presentation techniques

Adding special effects

Working with slide show options

Setting up review cycles

Advanced presentation delivery options

Online meetings

Working with shared workspaces

Working with the Package for CD feature

Advanced delivery techniques

Customizing the environment

Customizing and creating toolbars

Automating your work

Microsoft Office integration

Working with Excel

Working with Word

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