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Introduction to Microsoft Power Query (1 day)

Microsoft Power Query is a must-have tool for anyone who works with data as part of their job function. Power Query is a free add-in for Microsoft Excel* – it allows users to connect to a wide variety of data sources, such as; Excel workbook / worksheet, Access database, SQL, SSAS and many more.  Having connected to the data source(s), Power Query allows users to manipulate, standardise and blend data for ease of analysis in other applications such as MS Excel,  MS Power BI and MS SSAS and others.

During this 1 day training course you will learn:

  • About Power Query’s most popular built-in data transformation tools.
  • How to connect Power Query to a range of data sources; Excel, CSV & Access.
  • How to re-shape report data into rows and columns in preparation for analysis.
  • How to blend data from multiple sources into a single data stream.
  • How to refresh data when connecting to differing data sources.

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