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How we deliver our Info Path courses

Onsite Courses

  • We come to you
  • We bring all the equipment needed
  • The outline can be customised

Open Course Dates

  • You come to our venue
  • Suitable for individuals

Online Courses

  • Self paced
  • Budget Friendly
  • 24/7 Learning

Info path Level 1 (2 Days)

Using InfoPath

  • Complete a Form
  • Save a Form
  • Export Form Data to Excel
  • Export Form Data to the Web
  • Edit Posted Data
  • Share Forms Through Outlook

Creating Forms

  • Draft a Form
  • Add a Validation Rule
  • Test a Form
  • Create Forms from Templates
  • Delete Forms or Templates

Distributing Forms

  • Publish a Form Template
  • Troubleshoot Publishing Problems

Customizing Form Layout

  • Format a Form
  • Insert Pictures
  • Customize Tables
  • Create Optional or Repeating Sections
  • Merge Forms

Managing Controls

  • Customize Controls
  • Populate Controls from a Data Source
  • Bind Controls

Managing Views

  • Create Custom Views
  • Set the Default View
  • Modify a View
  • Create a Print View

Applying Security

  • Protect InfoPath Forms
  • Set Security Zones

Working With a Database

  • Develop a Form From a Database
  • Use InfoPath Forms to Add Records to a Database
  • Use InfoPath Forms to Query a Database

Info path Level 2 (2 Days)

Connecting Data

  • Understanding Data Sources
  • Data Connections
  • Data Source Fields
  • Using Secondary Connections
  • Offline Mode Query Support
  • Querying Data Manually
  • Connecting to Web Services

Submitting Data

  • Save Vs. Submit
  • Saving Forms
  • Submitting Forms
  • Submitting Forms to E-mail, Database and Web Services
  • Submitting Data Using Rules and Code
  • Customising Submit Messages

Advanced Controls

  • Using Advanced Controls
  • Unbound Controls
  • Template Parts
  • ActiveX Controls

Security and Trust

  • Trustworthy Computing
  • InfoPath Security
  • Digital Signatures for Form Templates and Data
  • Information Rights Management

SharePoint Integration

  • Designing SharePoint Form Templates
  • Publishing to SharePoint
  • Publishing a Site Content Type
  • SharePoint Data Connection Library
  • SharePoint Web Part


  • Understanding Workflows
  • Creating User Roles
  • Assigning User Roles to Forms
  • SharePoint User Information
  • User Roles for SharePoint
  • Managing Workflow Status
  • Using SharePoint Workflows
  • E-mailing a Form to a SharePoint Library

Reporting Data

  • Merging Forms
  • Transporting Data to Excel

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