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Building & sharing dynamic financial dashboards using Microsoft Power BI & Power BI Service (2 days) 

Everyone knows that good analysis and good information relies on good data. But that’s not the full story – if you want to use data visualisations to tell the stories held deep within your data, you must also think about how to present it to the consumer.

It’s easy to get carried away when building visualisations through the over use of varying chart types and using the wrong visualisation when trying to convey a particular message – for example, do you want to highlight a trend over time or the relationship between various departments within an organisation? Picking the right type of chart for the right message is crucial – if you pick the wrong one, you might loose your audience at the first post.

During this 2 day training course you will learn:

  • How to use screen real estate effectively.
  • How to choose the right visualisation for the right message.
  • How to use colours to attract attention and draw the eye of the consumer to the most important parts of the visualisation.
  • How to build dashboards for an external audience.
  • How to use the design tools to capture your audience's attention and invite them in to explore further.
  • How to use the various Power BI mobile design tools.

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