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Setup Menus in Admin Panel

Setup Menus in Admin Panel


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Word / Outlook Tip – Change the case of Text quickly (Upper, Lower and Sentence Case)

If you have ever type a lot of text into Word or Outlook and forgot to take your caps lock of this little shortcut will save the day for you next time. Drag over the text that is in upper case and then press:

SHIFT and F3

Each time you press these keys on your keyboard Word or Outlook will change the case of the select text. So upper to lower, or lower to upper case.

Excel Tip – Edit the content of a cell with a shortcut

Rather than having to use the function bar at the top of each Excel sheet to edit the contents of a cell. You can simply select the cell you want to edit and then press F2 on your keyboard. This will then put the insertion point (Blinker) to the end of the text in the cell so you can then edit or add text to that cell.

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