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Bespoke Access Database Creation

Midlands based, Woodthorpe IT Solutions are experts in developing Bespoke Software Systems to cut paperwork and speed up your processes to make you and your staff more productive. Our custom systems are based on Microsoft Access or Excel and make extensive use of other Office products such as Microsoft Word or Outlook. Any system we create can be securely published on the internet to allow your staff to use them from multiple locations worldwide.

How do we approach your software system project?

We take the users' perspective when developing your custom system. We have worked within many industry sectors and understand how their businesses work and the problems they experience. We work closely with your team to ensure you get the system you require. This means that, from day one, users feel confident with the system and staff training is cut to a minimum.

Custom Microsoft Access database example videos

Please see below an example of some of the database systems we have created for our customers. If you click on the picture or the link to the right you will be shown a short video demonstration so you can see what we can do for you.

IFA Practice Manager

This system gives its user a complete tool to manage an IFA practice. From customer details to letters to accounts,  it produces a wealth of reports and management information to be both used internally and for regulatory bodies. (see )

  • Customer database
  • Letter production from templates
  • Document handling
  • Accounts

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Performing arts school database

This allows the details for students within a dance / drama school to be entered. This database gives its user the ability to quickly recall students based on personal characteristics for any potential work that comes in. It also records relevant details and produces quick and easy reports to help the business.

  • Artist database
  • Personal CV reports including pictures
  • Manages and tracks jobs
  • Reporting

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Production Scheduling Tool

This tool has been created for a textile manufacturing business and gives its operator the ability to schedule production time on machines in multiple sites to fulfil customer orders. The system integrates with an order processing system to populate any customer requirements which affect the schedule. Based on a simple calendar format it performs simple checks for overlaps and forecasts machine use for better planning. A variety of reports can be produced automatically.

  • Intuitive calendar format
  • Integrates with other systems
  • Stock control
  • Reporting

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Why Choose Us?

  • Experience - Woodthorpe IT Solutions has over 7 years experience in producing database systems that work for business.
  • Realistic & cost effective - We provide realistic estimates with achievable timescales and updates for the completion of work.
  • Communicate - We work closely with you and your staff so that you are involved with the development from the start. You are the expert with regards to your business and your system needs.
  • Online Systems - Any system we produce can be provided to you over the internet so you are not tied to one office location.

Database system / software development testimonials

"The project is a great success with the virtual elimination of process paperwork, more direct responsibility for input of information, linking of all stages of the sales, production, stockholding and invoicing process with consequent benefits to the ease and availability of analysis."

Brian Mackenzie, Materials Handling Product Ltd

"It should be noted that having asked two other “experts”, who both declined to quote, it was a breath of fresh air to receive an honest response followed by a competitive, prompt and accurate service."

William Randall, Resin Flooring Consultancy Ltd

"We have been very impressed with the speed that the system has been designed so much so that we would consider using Woodthorpe IT again later this year to look at producing further systems for other parts of our business."

Brian Deehan, Baltex - W.Ball & Son Ltd

"The main impact of this is that income has been dragged forward some 4 months increasing profits in the first year of purchase many times covering the cost of the software."

Tony Miles, MMS Ltd

What our customers say

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